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Terms & Conditions

The Hoffen Store always aims for the consumer's satisfaction, as well for a transparent and ethic conduct in its negotiations. We have elaborated our terms and conditions based on the International Agreements and Laws for online consume.


1 - Privacy and security

1.1 Information rights: Respecting our consumers, it is granted the due and clear information about our several products and services, with correct specification of quantity, features, composition, quality, incident taxes and prices. Also the precision between our photos and the reality of the illustrated product.

1.2 Privacy and policy: As a full integrated partner, from the login to the payment, we follow the same privacy rules of Amazon. We don't collect any data directly from the users/costumers, which is processed and provided in a second time for us by Amazon. The data provided by Amazon is just the customer e-mail and address, which is used just for orders notifications and shipping proposal, nothing else.

1.3 Ready customer service: Hoffen Store grants total agility and full support in its customer service, offering several means of communication, qualified attendants, and the best: courteous treatment. Because, after all, nobody likes being attended by robot-like people with ready-made messages that only favors the seller, isn't it? ;)


2 - Conditions

2.1 Exchanges and returns: In case of exchanges due to the customer's wrong choice of product/size/color or mere returns, the product must be sent back via his/her Country's most economic post service, with no use marks, in the original packaging and 50% of the fright cost will be refunded. All returned products are submitted to Hoffen Store's Quality Control analysis as soon as they reach our Distribution Center, which can take around 5 working days. The exchange product and/or the due refunds will only be granted after the Quality Control's approval. In case of any divergence or product violation, the submitted package will be sent back to the sender and the solicitation of exchange or return will be denied with no previous communication.

2.2 Responsibilities of the customer: The customer, by shopping in our website, assumes total and clear awareness of our negotiation's conditions. Order cancellations will only be accepted in case of damaged product, inappropriate size and other divergences in the product, where the customer must return the jacket back with no marks of use to be refunded. This is also applied in cases of loss and other problems during the delivery. Any other unforeseen situations, such as exceeded deadlines, only can result in cancellation if the customer receive the jacket first and post it back to us later.

2.3 Promotions: For the acquired products during sales promotions, in case of exchange or return, the considered price will be the one paid in the purchase, not the product's original value. E.g: If you have acquired a product in a promotion by U$59,99, but its original price was U$99,99, the considered value will be the one of U$59,99.


3 - Warranty

3.1 Abrangência: Coverage: Our jackets are tough, although due to the Market's standards the warranty time is up to 1 year after the product is received. We cover:
• Openings at the seam
• Cracks and stripped on leather
• Broken zippers
• Liner detachment
• Shrinkage
• Wrong product sized sent by us

If any of these problems above occur with your product, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail (support@hoffenstore.com) and send us pictures of your damaged jacket. Your case will be analysed by these pictures and the given information in the e-mail and, if verified that there was no misuse by the customer, we will send you a new jacket (same delivery deadline and conditions of the first purchase). It will be necessary to return us the damaged product via your Country's most economic post service. To ensure improved agility in the exchange process, we will post the new product as soon as the customer give us the tracking code generated at his/her returning shipping, even before the damaged jacket's arrival at our Distribution Center.

3.2 In case of disapproval in the quality analysis: If our employee do not approve your solicitation by his analysis of the pictures, the exchange will not be granted.

3.3 Possible problems with deliveries: The deadlines, conditions and responsible shipping companies are described at the tab "Shipping Informations", right below the "Add to cart" button on every product page. Despite the fact of the delivery process be entirely of responsibility of the hired shipping company, we will resend you a free new product in the following cases:
• Loss of package
• Cargo theft during the delivery
• Product damaged during the transportation
• Product returned to sender

Note: the resends have the same deadlines as the original shipments.


4 - Payments and Chargebacks

4.1 Payment Methods: We work with the largest payment and anti fraud platform in the World, the Amazon. This brings total safety to our clients, their purchases and data. Plus, this also makes available several forms of payment to them. We, from Hoffen Store, do not have access to your payment data and we will never request them to the buyer.

4.2 Chargeback forms: Any need to return values will be done exclusively through the buyer's Amazon account. Exclusively in case of withdrawal on behalf of the buyer, exchange by mistake of the buyer or any other new transaction that this process may bring, the transaction fees charged by Amazon will not be included.


5 - Deliveries

5.1 Dealines: Deadlines, conditions and responsible shipping companies for your delivery can be found under the tab "Shipping Informations", right below the "Add to cart" button on every product page, in the website, and they can variate form Country to Country.

5.2 Taxations: Rare are the cases of taxations on our shipments, because we declare the manufacturing price only. There are, anyhow, variations on each Country's laws for imports. Find more details in the tab "Shipping Informations" available in each product page.


6 - Exchanges and returns

6.1 Exchange due a mistake of ours / Returns: If you have received a size of jacket different from the one you asked for, your product came damaged or you simply want to return it, you just need to open a ticket on our Customer Service by leaving an e-mail for support@hoffenstore.com.

The returning shipping cost of your jacket to our Distribution Center will be refunded via your Amazon account, it is only necessary to show us a proof of the value.

In case of exchanges, to ensure improved agility in the exchange process, we will post the new product as soon as the customer give us the tracking code generated for your returning shipping, even before the damaged jacket's arrival at our Distribution Center. If you received a too damaged product, there is no need to send it back.

Returns for personal reasons have a term of 7 calendar days after the receipt to be manifested. All the values will be transferred to the customer's account at Amazon.

6.2 Size Exchanges: In case the size you have requested doesn't fit or its fitting does not pleases you, it is possible to make an exchange for a new size of jacket just opening a ticket on our Costumer Service (e-mail support@hoffenstore.com). Exchanges of this nature doesn't have its returning ship cost covered by 50%. However, the shipping of the new size jacket is totally free of charge.

Your returning jacket must not contain use marks and must be sent back on its original package and with its tags still on. If approved by the Quality Control analysis, your exchange will be processed within 5 working days. After shipped, the new product will be delivered in the same deadline as the original jacket.


7 - Considerations

Our terms were carefully elaborated aiming a simple and comfortably content for your reading, dismissing huge discouraging texts of hard comprehension. Although, we do not dismiss the fundamental information for a total consent of our negotiation terms. All this to bring clarity and transparency.

We priorize the harmony and good relations with our clients. Even though there are previously imposed conditions, they work more as guidelines for negotiations, but, in an general way, we aim to benefit the client. So we can maintain a beneficial relationship beyond business.

We focus in offering an unique shopping experience, besides providing products of superior quality, courteous customer service, clear and simple information to favor the consumer's rights. We also offer special promotions and conditions for recurring clients, so we can deliver more value for less price.