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Discover our concept

We are more than a jacket's brand. Our objective is to provide an unique and deep experience, in a long-term. We opted to promote empathy and shared experiences, not the ego. To wear people with concepted pieces and create lasting connections, not disposables pieces that fall in the next collection. We preserve life, that's why we offer a series of incentives to people abandon animal skin leather. At last, we work to bring our concept to the world, and wear it, with the energy and with all the Brazilian's heat.


Tailored especially to you

The concept of our models are based on the standards of "Dress code". Each model that we offer is projected to be the perfect icon of your occasion.


Detachable hoodie

Many possibilities

Besides our jackets connect you with your best moments, and for a long time, they also connect themselves with the possibility to match different hoodies colors, multiplying your looks options.


Just like you want. In anywhere.

Everything that we offer is to many moments. We also bring this in our packages. With your jacket you'll also receive a backbag, to use it as you want, in different moments.


Our essence

Dress our brazilian heat

A tropical country, with a unique human heat, energy and genuine simpathy, that mark Hoffen Store's birthplace. Thats why, everything that we do and project, carry the essence of what is better in our land. We have the objective of transmit and inspire the world to outsource this energy, and the best of theirselves.

Ecologically correct

Essentially Sustainable

We don't produce leather of animal origin, because we believes that preserving life is a foundation to provide pieces designed to enjoy life.